Packaging, Shipment and Delivery

Packaging your products (Prescriptions) for delivery involve custom branding with labeling such as customer’s name, tracking number and Delivery Location. Every step of the packaging process is carefully structured for your convenience and may be different, base on your location and delivery policies.

At the moment, we ship products to the following locations where we currently have agents engaged in the safe delivery of your prescription once payment is made.

Duration of Packaging

Once your order has been made with payment completed. We commence with the packaging and labeling process to prepare your package for shipment with our partnered delivery agency depending on your location.

Packaging and Labeling takes 1-2 hours, after which your package is immediately sent for shipment.

 Duration of Shipment and Delivery 

The duration of shipment and delivery will depend on the shipping company and your location. Normally it takes between 2 to 7 days for your package to be delivered to your location.

Security and Privacy

Your package security is a great priority to us. Certain prescriptions are not permitted to be disclosed in some countries with strict drug regulations. This however is disturbing, in such instances delivery will be handled by our agents across multiple regions. You will have to worry no more until a full home delivery is done at your convenient.

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